Friday, October 20, 2017

That One Patient

An old story for some new friends: So I was finished with a patient and kicked them out of the exam room when my next cray cray 75 year old patient comes busting into the door (I didn't have her chart). She announced "I'm here, what took you so long!" and proceeded to unload her six pairs of glasses for me to look at. She insists she sees best out of the 2002 pair "from Asia" and wants to make sure she gets the exact same Rx and demanded for me "not to mess up like last time." After a torturous refraction in which she said "No way I have cataracts", I trial framed her with the 8 well lens holder to make sure she could tolerate the changes. She pronounced my services "adequate" and proceeded to leave the store without paying, just like last time. I tell ya, doing an exam on my mother is always an adventure! ‪#‎examroomface‬

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

#GOALS Sooooo I was having a wee bit of trouble passing my "verify your identity" self quiz. I had typed in "rich&qu...